To our son <3

Two months, three days, six hours and, one minute, and with every sentence I type, another minute goes by.
It’s been since so long since you left. My dear sweet boy.
And not a second goes by that I don’t feel your loss.

We fought so hard, you and I.
As proud mothers go,
You’ve made me the proudest mother of them all. I will never forget how strong you were, even at 15 weeks old, you did everything you could to stay with Daddy and I.

There was nothing we could have done my love. If there was, you would still be with us.

But you are still with us in spirit, I known that Graeme, I feel you everywhere.
Thank you for the dragonflies that fly outside of our home.
They bring me so much comfort because I know they are from you.

I see you in the clouds, I see you in every ray of light.
I feel you in every ounce of hope I’ve had since you’ve been gone.

You were taken from us far too soon.
I hope you know that every tear I cry is a testament to my love for you.
It’s so overwhelming sometimes.
The realization that you aren’t going to have the life you were supposed to.
Daddy and I wanted nothing more than to see you take your first breath, to teach you to walk, to kiss your first boo boo, to see you grow up, to fix your first broken heart, to teach you to be a man, and to see you become that man.
My dear sweet boy.
We had such dreams for you.
They didn’t leave with you though.
I know where ever you are.
You are becoming everything we hoped for you.
And one day if we get to meet your baby brother or sister, you will be there guiding them and loving them through anything we could go through.

Even though you are gone my darling, you are still the light at the end of my tunnel.
You are everything beautiful and pure in our world
You are Daddy and I’s single greatest masterpiece.
You’ve made us better just by being here.
And our love for you is eternal.

No matter how many seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or years go by.
We love you Graeme.
We always have.
We always will.

You will never leave our hearts.

We love you, and we miss you always.



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